Since the 2007 launch of the motion picture “Emma Smith – My Story,” people have yearned to know more about Emma Hale Smith’s life.  Many people vilify her, while others adore her.  Most just don’t know what to think, because of all the stories and misunderstanding that surround her life.

Following the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Emma’s place in the limelight diminished significantly.  She was courted for support during a power struggle when some sought leadership of the Church following Joseph’s martyrdom.  Emma feared for the safety of her children as she mourned Joseph’s death.  She truly lived in tumultuous times.

The purpose of “Emma Smith – The Continuing Story” (working title) will be to tell the too-long-unknown story of Emma’s life after the death of her husband, Joseph.  For many people, the knowledge of Emma’s story ends when Joseph died.  However, Emma lived nearly thirty-five more years!  The second half of her life is a compelling, sometimes heart-breaking, sometimes heroic, and often extraordinary story.

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